New information on Rob Gronkowski’s departure from WWE


Rob Gronkowski left WWE upon terminating his contract with the company, for which he lost the championship 24/7 on RAW.

‘Gronk’ will return to the NFL to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season and that is why he decided to leave the company.

But new information emerged about his departure, and according to the Fightful portal, most of the RAW roster was unaware of the departure of ‘Gronk’.


It was also stated that the NFL player was considered a ‘Smackdown boy’.

Another of the details that the portal relates is that it was not easy to work with Rob Gronkowski and even some superstars expressed themselves negatively about him.


The main annoyance arose in the recordings of Wrestlemania 36 when the player had to throw several superstars from a balcony.

Gronkowski was repeatedly blocked from doing this by delaying the recording of the event for almost two hours.

Although no names were revealed, a superstar with a great position in the company called him a “fucking clown, without him we are better.”

There is no doubt that Gronkowski’s arrival in WWE caused surprise to more than one and many resigned themselves to seeing him outside the field.

With his departure from the company, the 24/7 championship returned to the hands of R-Truth as he took it off on Monday Night RAW.

Recall that ‘Gronk’ announced his retirement from WWE to start his wrestling career alongside his friend Mojo, but an offer came to him that Tampa Bay could not refuse.

And is that his friend and partner in the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, will also be part of the team for next season.


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