New Information Revealed About GTA 6’s Map: It Will Be Huge


After the great disappointment of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, we were all shaken by the announcement of GTA 6 by Rockstar. A reddit user, on the other hand, shared that GTA 6’s producer Take-Two has patented the map of the game.
GTA is one of the games that many of us have played since childhood and almost grew up with it. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, which was released by Rockstar and combined GTA: San Andreas, GTA III and GTA: Vice City games under a single game, was a great disappointment for the fans of the game.

There were so many mistakes in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition that Rockstar Games eventually even apologized for these mistakes. Many of us could not understand why Rockstar chose to release this game, which seems to have been prepared randomly, instead of releasing a new game. Fortunately, Rockstar Games will have finally heard its voice that it has officially announced the future of GTA 6 in the past days.

Reddit User says Take-Two has patented GTA 6 map
After this announcement, which excited us all about the new game, rumors about how GTA 6 would be came with it. Regarding the map of the game, which is planned to be released in the next 2 years, Reddit user CoryLVV has made new claims about GTA 6.

In this new game developed by Take-Two, it is said that there is a solution to the loading screen problem that GTA 5 players complain about a lot. According to Reddit user CoryLVV, Take-Two has patented the huge map of GTA 6, and with the new system being worked on, players can now enter the game without waiting too long on the loading screen (unlike GTA 5).

He also added the map that Take-Two claims to have patented to his post.
However, this sharing caused many players to worry. The fact that GTA 6 has such a large map means that the number of players inside will also be very large, which means that the players will be asked “How are we going to play the game without strain?” brought questions.

Sharing the map you see above, CoryLVV says that when players move from one area of ​​the map to another area, they will also join a different session, but they will not encounter any loading screen and the map will have a certain number of players in each area. We hope that the biggest problems of GTA 5 will become history with the new game. There was no statement from Rockstar or Take-Two on the subject.