New information has emerged from the PC version of God of War


New information has emerged about the God of War PC version. Developer Santa Monica chose not to touch the PC port and manage it.


The PC version of God of War was announced recently. It is stated that the game, whose system requirements have not yet been published, offers full support for today’s hardware. The excited wait continues for the PC version of God of War, which offers full support especially for users with large screens. It turned out that the PC version of the game was not made by the developer Santa Monica. Another company developed the PC port.

God of War PC port developed by Jetpack Interactive

Many thought that Santa Monica developed the PC port of God of War itself. But the new information that emerged confirmed that there was another company. It was surprising that Bluepoint Games did not make the God of War port, but Bluepoint is a company that specializes in “Remake” works. Saber Interactive makes such cross-platform ports.

Jetpack Interactive previously played Plants vs. A company that contributes to a number of EA games, including Zombies: Garden Warfare II and NBA Live 16. The same company provided engineering support for Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls. According to the information revealed, Jetpack Interactive is working with Sony for the first time. Still, the fact that an unheard-of company ported a big game to PC shows that Sony trusts that company.

Earlier this year Sony acquired a studio (Nixxes Software) specializing in PC ports. This acquisition move has led many to believe that Sony’s future PC ports could be managed by this studio. It is not yet clear what Nixxes will be working on with Sony in the future.

God of War will release for PC on January 14, 2022. The game previously managed to sell 19.5 million copies on PS4.


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