New information about PS5 came from Sony!


Sony announced some accessibility features for the PlayStation 5 shortly before its release. The new generation console PS5 will have features for disabled users to have a better experience.

New information for PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will make its global debut on November 12. As this date approaches, we are learning more about the next generation console. Now Sony has shared details on the system’s built-in accessibility features and how it will be easier to use for disabled players.

PlayStation 5

In addition to the PS4’s text-to-speech system, the PS5 will have a voice dictation system that allows converting speech to text. There will also be a screen reader function available, allowing users to hear screen texts that they cannot read. Sony announced that these features will also support multiple languages ​​and will therefore be part of the system’s global feature set.

In addition to these, button assignment and subtitle features will be available, as well as a color correction option. It will be possible to program the preset settings specified for common settings. These will be remembered in the large number of supported games.

PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller will also include haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, users who are uncomfortable with these features will be able to reduce or disable these features.

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