New images reveal change regarding the future


Now, ahead of her return to The CW on January 20, it has been revealed that Riverdale will also include a bit of a crossover and although the Katy Keene series was short-lived.

It was reported that other ways to keep the split alive were being explored. One of those ways could be to transfer the world of Katy Keene to the show that Riverdale originated from.

In new photos released ahead of the season 5 premiere, Archie is seen fighting K.O. Kelly (Zane Holtz). K.O. Kelly was previously mentioned in Riverdale season 4, before appearing as a series regular on Katy Keene.

Kelly was Katy’s longtime boyfriend and has always dreamed of making a name for himself in boxing. But that won’t be Kelly’s only contribution to Riverdale’s season 5 opener.

Although it is not yet clear how much Kelly will appear in the Riverdale episode, although regardless of how her party plays out, her appearance is a sign of hope for those who hope that Katy Keene can find a second life.

For all of Riverdale’s success, particularly in the teen drama genre, struggling to break through, it hasn’t been entirely successful in building an extended universe.


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