New images of the first and only ‘space ball’ appeared


It turned out that Russia was hiding images of the space cannon, the only weapon fired in space.

As it is known, spacecraft have been used in military operations for decades. Spy satellites look from top to bottom and reveal information that warriors may find useful when planning and executing an attack. As far as we know, there is no such thing in space when it comes to real weapons in space. But the only exception is Russia’s OPS-2 space station, launched in 1974 and equipped with a space gun, the first of its kind.

OPS-2’s life was short

The space station, which had a short life, ceased operations one year after it was launched. The station was home to a single cosmonaut crew who spent only 15 days on board during their time in space.

OPS-2, which failed in its second attempt to dock, died in late 1974. The gun found in the station had only ever been seen in one low-quality image. But Anatoly Zak of was the first to draw attention to the new images and published a new article about the use of both the space station and the weapon.

The most interesting part of the article is that the cannon remains the only weapon we know of firing in space, even though it has never been used aggressively against the enemy target.

In the article written by Anatoly Zak, it is stated that the weapon, which was never used, was tested against the space orbit. According to Zak’s statement, ground controllers “ordered to shoot the defensive gun on the station” and the gun was fired in the opposite direction of the space station. This was done to ensure that the shells fell to earth as soon as possible. He allegedly completed three successful shots, but no one knows where the bullets went.

Until 1974, the idea that there was a space station with a living and functional ball in orbit around the earth is described by space enthusiasts as incredibly wild. The Cold War is thought to have led rival countries to improve their military games, resulting in incredible developments. The space ball is seen as one of the most interesting examples of this.


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