New Images from GMC Hummer’s Electric Truck and SUV


GMC Hummer is also preparing to enter the electric car market. The official presentation of the vehicles came to the autumn, while new images were shared for the company’s new electric truck and SUV. The production process will begin in the autumn of 2021.

Electric cars will shape the future of the vehicle market, no one doubts. Fossil fuels are running out and serious effort is being made to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, electric cars stand out.

GMC Hummer, which is known for its huge vehicles with huge engines, also shows that it has decided to keep up with the new era. In fact, the company would introduce the new electric pickup truck on May 20, but this event was delayed due to the pandemic. New information was shared for the vehicle, the official launch date of which is not yet known.

It will be in autumn

The company’s new electric pickup will first show its face this fall. According to the statement made by GMC Hummer, the vehicle’s production schedule has not changed and the production process has started in the autumn of 2021.

In the video published by GMC Hummer, we can see the lines of the vehicle, which is better than nothing. It is noteworthy that the side windows of the vehicle have more slopes than the windscreen. The new electric pickup also manages to attract great attention.

GMC previously announced the return of the original electric truck in its ad during the famous US sports event Super Bowl, featuring LeBron James. Some technical features of the vehicle are also known. These included the engine’s 1,000 horsepower engine and 0-100 km / h acceleration in 3 seconds.

New electric SUV is coming

Another vehicle we came across in the video was the SUV, which was produced on the electric platform but with more traditional lines. Probably the design of the vehicle was deliberately compared to the Hummer H2.

Both trucks and SUVs will have removable roof panels. Also, the feature of the vehicle called Crab Mode will allow you to easily make very difficult turns. Thanks to the company’s new Ultium batteries, the vehicles will have a range of 644 kilometers in the top segment.

GMC will also start accepting orders when the new electric hummer models begin production. When the tools are officially introduced, we will be able to learn more about them. Until then, we will have to be content with what the company has explained.


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