New Images From China’s Digital Yuan Application


New images came from the digital yuan project developed by the Central Bank of China.

The Central Bank of China has been working hard for several months to develop the digital yuan project. In this process, the Chinese Government receives assistance from companies such as Ant Financial and Tencent, as well as organizations such as China Agricultural Bank and China Development Bank.

These organizations developing this project prepared a special mobile application to test the digital yuan a few weeks ago. The image of this application was as follows:

New Images Arrived
We do not know if the mobile application that the Central Bank of China will develop for the digital yuan project will look exactly like the above. But new images continue to come from this application. Dovey Wan recently shared a post from their Twitter account and posted a new video of this app:

In the video above, we see how to transfer money with this app. However, the Central Bank of China can make a change in the application’s interface. Therefore, the application may change over time.

Since the digital yuan studies in China are still in the testing phase, we do not know exactly what features this application will have. However, we know that money transfer can be made with this application, and the application can be used even without the Internet.


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