New Image Shared From Whatsapp’s Expected Feature


A new screenshot of the WhatsApp message reactions feature has been shared. It has been learned that the reactions will support the notifications.


WhatsApp is working to make it easier for users to express their feelings towards each other. Thanks to the ‘reactions’ function, which is learned to be in the beta phase, any message can only be reacted with emoji. This feature, which is currently available on most platforms, including iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messages, will soon come to WhatsApp as well.

The messaging platform is testing message responses with a limited audience of users. WABetaInfo, who has access to the feature, shared the new option added to WhatsApp’s settings and linked to the reactions function.

You will be able to receive WhatsApp message reactions as notifications

Users will be aware of their reactions to each other thanks to the emoji that will be placed on each message. In addition, WhatsApp will also allow reactions to be sent as notifications. If you wish, you can choose to receive notifications for each emoji left in your messages. WABetaInfo shared the screenshot of this option from its web page. He also stated that he has reached beta users.

Photo: WABetaInfo

A new feature called ‘Response Notifications’ has been added to Settings > Notifications. As it turns out, this will be active by default. But if you want, you will be able to disable the reaction notifications by turning off the ‘Show Notifications’ option. If you want ‘notifications to come but no sound’, you will be able to make this request by turning off the ‘Sound’ option in the same settings.

Like all the features that WhatsApp continues to test, the Response Notifications feature is currently in beta. According to the information obtained, it will be available to iPhone users and will soon come to Android. After WhatsApp implements message reactions, notifications will be made available worldwide at the same time.


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