New idea for front camera location from OnePlus


Smartphone manufacturers continue to evaluate different options for the location of the front camera. These options see the light of day thanks to the patent applications made by the companies. The most recent of these applications reveals an idea evaluated by OnePlus.

In OnePlus’s application, it seems that the front camera is planned to be squeezed into the thin frame at the top of the screen. The patent file, created and visualized by LetsGoDigital, contains a very small and barely visible lens.

In case OnePlus realizes this idea, questions about the camera’s shooting quality will undoubtedly come to mind. The fact that the camera has a much smaller lens and sensor compared to the standards will naturally raise questions.

In the days when the screen bezels of smartphones were much thicker, it was standard practice to place the front camera and handset speaker on the top bezel. However, those days are gone.

In parallel with the increasing demand for large screens, screen frames became thinner. This, as mentioned above, brought different solutions for the front camera placement. In many devices, the front camera is placed in a hole on the screen. Drop notch is preferred on affordable Android phones. Apple, on the other hand, uses a more pronounced notch on iPhones, which also includes components of Face ID technology.

The pop-up camera mechanism has not attracted much attention. Placing the front camera inside the screen is a solution that is only delivered to the end user by ZTE. Therefore, this search seems to continue for a while. OnePlus adds one more possible solution with its new patent.


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