New hype from Netflix: What do fans say about the “Empress”?


Is the Empress as good as we would like? The new German series was released on Netflix on September 29. It tells the famous story of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, nicknamed Sisi, but with a different twist. The impulsive main character is played by actress Devrim Lingnau, and her Emperor Franz is played by Philip Froissant. After the exciting trailer, Netflix users had high hopes for the first six episodes. Are they fulfilled?

“Empress” is already being carefully evaluated in the streaming service’s Instagram account. Most of the comments are positive: “At first I thought: “Just not another story about Sisi,” but Devrim Lingnau is amazing!” the fan enthuses. “Great Netflix movie,” says another. First of all, the love drama about the Empress, the Emperor and his brother inspires users — but not everyone: “Sorry, but the “Empress” is just embarrassing. I don’t know which is worse: dialogues or the insatiable empress.” teased the user.

In any case, the interest in the “Empress” is great! The first season was broadcast so many times that it hit the Netflix charts directly — not only in Germany, but also in the UK and the USA. Now they ask you: how do you like the new series? Vote in our poll!


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