New Hybrid Optane SSDs From Intel Will Be Launched In June


Intel announced on Tuesday (18) the new SSD of the Optane line, the H20. The model combines the Optane Memory and QLC NAND technologies, thus gaining hybrid specifications and guaranteeing the high performance of one and the low cost of the other. The product had already been presented at the end of last year at “Intel Memory and Storage Moment 2020″, but only now will it be available to manufacturers.


The H20 units will have lower configurations than their predecessor, H10 – launched in 2019. The company’s goal is to make the product more accessible to manufacturers. However, it is not yet known how much SSDs will be marketed.

The H20 will be sold in two versions: one with a capacity of 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage or in the option of 32 GB and 1 TB. On the performance side, the product has up to 3.3 GB of reading speed and 2.1 GB of writing speed.

In addition, the new SSDs can process 65,000 and 40,000 read and write IOPS, respectively. Consumption was also reduced from 15mW to 7mW. According to the company, the product ensures that high performance notebooks do not have their performance diminished by the slow reading and writing of data.

The product is expected to be made available initially for HP and Dell branded devices starting June 20.


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