New Hulu Releases: Abbott Elementary Season 2 premiere, “The Dark Knight” and other films and TV shows broadcast in September 2022.


Seasons can change pretty quickly if you don’t pay attention to them, especially if you are a Hulu subscriber and are following the debut of the next batch of titles. It’s time for many top-notch TV channels to return to streaming, as September 2022 marks the usual time of year when shows like The Conners and Abbott Elementary (and many others) return with new episodes.

If you’re wondering what debuted as part of the new Hulu releases for August 2022, this list is ready to visit. However, from now on, it’s time to see what the green streaming giant will bring to the library next month. Here’s what’s new on Hulu in September 2022!

New on Hulu Week of September 1: “The Dark Knight”, “American Collectors of Full Seasons 2-4” and much more

September 2022 begins with one of the most reliable lineups we’ve ever seen open month on Hulu. Many beloved reality shows, such as American Pickers, are coming online, in some cases with multiple seasons. This is in addition to the return of catalog favorites like “The Dark Knight,” which happens to be joining this library along with “Batman: The Beginning” in tow.


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