New hope for coronavirus treatment: Radiation


The coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China in December, and is the biggest epidemic of recent times, affecting the whole world as in February. Scientists are working hard to develop a coronavirus vaccine for the disease that has caused us to be locked in our homes for months and is still incurable. Israeli scientists came up with radiation therapy that could change the course of the disease before vaccination.

Could radiation be hope for coronavirus therapy?

Israeli scientists have started to scan different pneumonia treatments that have been tried in the world so far, as the disease is based on pneumonia. After this scan, they realized that between 1905 and 1945, low doses of radiation were used to treat the disease.

After this treatment was tried in 700 patients at that time and significant improvement was seen in pneumonia patients, this treatment started to be tried in coronavirus patients. After these trials, LDRT, i.e. low-dose radiation therapy, was administered to one of the two groups of 5 coronavirus patients. The other group received normal drug-assisted treatment.

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The group who received low-dose radiation therapy had 40 percent less respiratory support and intensive care needs than those who did not. After this stage, the Sheba Medical Center doctors who applied the treatment increased the number of subjects to 30. This radiation applied to coronavirus patients is as low as 70 to 100 times the radiation applied to a normal cancer patient.

Doctors are of the opinion that this radiation level does not cause any toxic harm to human health. Coronavirus patients who receive radiation therapy and have difficulty breathing are able to recover and breathe within three to four days. For normal coronavirus treatment, this period is 12 days.

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Although still in the experimental phase, it is thought that low-dose radiation therapy may pave the way for a faster recovery until the coronavirus vaccine is found. So do you think this treatment could be a hope for coronavirus treatment? We are waiting your comments.


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