New Hellraiser Trailer Reveals Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead and Cenobite Army


Hulu’s new Hellraiser trailer offers a terrifying preview of the horrors that will erupt when Jamie Clayton debuts as the infamous Pinhead.

Long before Hulu decided to relaunch the franchise, Hellraiser made a name for itself by releasing its first record in 1987. Director and screenwriter Clive Barker based on his own novel “The Heart Bound by Hell”. A group of sadistic extra-dimensional beings known as Cenobites, who are led by an entity called Pinhead in the Hellraiser sequels.

Of the nine Hellraiser sequels, Doug Bradley played Pinhead in the first seven. Now Clayton will play Pinhead in the Hulu remake of Hellraiser, and the new trailer for the film promises that she will show a terrifying game. The trailer begins with the infamous puzzle box on display, and a mysterious character named Mr. Wout encourages a young man to solve an almost finished puzzle. When a young man asks Mr. Wout if he will win a prize for solving a puzzle, Wout eerily replies, “Yes.” After solving the puzzle, the young man’s blood is absorbed by the box, and he is carried away by chains that fans of Hellraiser will recognize from the dimension where the Cenobites live.

After that, the main character, played by Odessa A’Zion, is obsessed with a puzzle box. She explains that the box opens and cuts people, after which creatures appear that “came to collect”. The young woman is then seen surrounded by cenobites as Clayton’s sinister Pinhead delivers a voiceover monologue. In a growling and ominous voice, Pinhead declares: “It’s time.” To the question of the unfortunate victim: “What are you praying for?” Pinhead unties the chains when an invisible woman’s scream is heard in the background.

After Claying was chosen for the role of Pinhead, a small but loud group of detractors criticized the decision to take on the role of Pinhead a trans woman who had previously been played only by men. However, proponents of casting choice have noted that Pinhead has been androgynous in past portrayals, including source material, making the backlash against transgender controversial.

“Prey” has recently been a hit for Hulu, reviving the “Predator” franchise, which has mostly received mixed to negative reviews since the first movie was released in the 80s. Since the Hellraiser remake is also a revival of an ’80s movie, the folks at Hulu are probably hoping to replicate Prey’s success, and the new trailer suggests they’re on the right track.

Hellraiser will be released on Hulu on October 7, 2022.


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