New Harry Styles Photos in Clip Recording Released


The mystery follows about a clip recorded by Harry Styles in August and the fictional country website Eroda. This Friday (29), were released new photos of the singer during the recording, held in August in Scotland.

In the released images, we can again see the singer in a coastal place, including aboard a boat, wearing old clothes, as if the clip was from the period.

Last week, tourism ads for a country called Eroda began popping up on social networks. While initially it was believed that the advertisements would be releasing a new virtual game, Styles fans quickly found clues leading to the belief that it was all from the singer’s creation to the release of a new song.

Putting together the clues found on Eroda’s official channels, the entire universe may have been created for the song “Adore You” (Eroda is Adore in reverse). The official video of the fictional country also talks a lot about the Eroda coast, which fits with the singer’s images on the beach.

The track is part of the album “Fine Line”, which will be released on December 13th. This is Harry Styles’ second solo album and has had the songs “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar” released.


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