Why a New Harry Potter Movie Is Not Made


Why isn’t there a new movie about Harry Potter, the leading character of the magical world created by J. K. Rowling? We searched for the answer to this question for fans who are waiting for a movie where we can see Harry and his friends grow up and see what happens after they become parents.

The leading character of the magical world, Harry Potter, created by the famous English writer J. K. Rowling, appeared in 1997 with his first book. When the book was very popular, it entered the world of cinema with the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001 and continued for 10 years. In 2011, the Harry Potter series ended with the second movie of Deathly Hallows. However, this character, which strengthened its place in popular culture, had more stories …

The series of Fantastic Beasts telling the story behind the Harry Potter stories did not give what was expected in both the literature and the cinema world. Fans and critics have always approached the issue with commercially justified commercial criticisms. But in the shadow of all this, we saw the story of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. In this story, written as a theater play, Harry Potter and his friends were now adults. Of course, the fans wanted this story to come to the cinema too. So why isn’t there a cinematic comeback to the Harry Potter series, which is legendary with the Cursed Child? Let’s give the answers to the question together.

Is the legend of Harry Potter really over?
To give a short answer that will sprinkle water with hearts; No, the Harry Potter legend and the magic world of the series are not over. The magical world of the series continues to meet the audience and the reader, even though we haven’t seen the new Harry Potter movie for a while or have not heard anything. J. K. Rowling is still writing stories, and Harry Potter and his friends are now shaking Broadway scenes with the Cursed Boy game.

The theater play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, co-authored by J. K. Rowling and John Tiffany, has been meeting the audience in the sparkling scenes of Broadway since 2016. It is not only limited to Broadway; The play, which now meets the audience in London, New York and Melbourne, one of the biggest cities of the world, will be staged in German in Hamburg, Germany, after a while.

Another channel where the Harry Potter universe continues is the white screen. The Fantastic Beasts movie series, which takes place in the same magic universe, continues at full speed. While we can’t see Harry Potter or his friends in the series, we’re watching a story that goes through the same magical universe and goes back to the past. Unfortunately, this series, which is expected to be adapted to cinema as a fives, does not give exactly what it expected.

Why isn’t Harry Potter and the Cursed Child adapted to the cinema?
All Harry Potter fans ask the same question with one voice and a little nervously; Why isn’t Harry Potter and the Cursed Child adapted to the cinema? The game, which has dusted the theater scenes and has been played as a closed box office everywhere since its first show, actually tells the story that fans want. Of course, the audience is only a certain number of lucky minorities because it is a theater play.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are about 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry Potter is now a father with three children working in the Department of Nerve. Although he tries to live a normal life, of course, his past does not stop. Like her, her youngest son, Albus, who is studying at Hogwarts, is also dealing with the spiritual burden of his father’s legacy. Of course, nothing remains so calm in this magical universe, and Harry Potter somehow returns to the adventurous world again. Besides this time with his talented children and old friends …

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There is another reason why the Cursed Child story is not seen on movie screens. That is, the producers of the game predominantly want to be limited to theater. Of course, nobody wants to end a theater play that is flocked to the effect of popular culture, but there are millions of people who cannot watch the game or read the book. It is obvious that someday this insistence will come to an end.

The number of people who will watch Harry Potter movies and buy their products is still over 1 billion:
Rather than film critics, experts from the international art market answer the answer to why a new Harry Potter movie was not shot; it’s an investment. Harry Potter and his magical universe are the foundation of a very powerful story, and it is said that there are perhaps more than a billion fans worldwide who will watch every production and purchase products related to this story.

One of the invested markets is the theater scenes we mentioned above. The game, which has made huge profits from the theater investment, is currently being staged by five different theater teams around the world. In the coming years, it seems possible for them to stage the same game by different players. However, the book of the same name with the text of the theater continues to be sold in many different languages ​​worldwide. In other words, quite successful results are being obtained from the market where Harry Potter investment is made. It is said that if a movie comes out and the end of the story is brought, all other income will decrease.

Wouldn’t the big screen be bigger? Yes, it does, but the big screen continues to present the Harry Potter world to the audience in the movies of the Fantastic Beasts series. The series continues to be loyal to existing fans, creating new fans as well. Of course, the criticisms are rightly that the expectations are not met, but this is not the purpose anyway. Want a movie? There are Fantastic Beasts. Wondering about Harry Potter’s future? Either buy a ticket to the game or buy the book … This is not us, but all the producers of the series, especially J. K. Rowling.

Final words about the new Harry Potter movie, in which the main characters will appear (for now):
Sorry, there is no disclosed information for the new movie. For now, both writers J. K. Rowling and producers are focused on the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child game and the Fantastic Beasts movie series. The theatrical story and film series continues on their way to satisfy the producers and writers. That’s why it’s hard to see a Harry Potter movie soon.

Why is the new Harry Potter movie not being filmed, and we have explained the answers to questions like how the world of Harry Potter is now, in the light of all the information we have acquired. It may not be a new Harry Potter movie in sight, but 8 movies and books are still waiting for fans to get excited every time you watch and read. Maybe one day they looked at the money was cut off, maybe we will be able to see the real character again.


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