New Halloween End Image Shows One of Michael Myers And His Victims


In recent years, horror fans have received a continuous stream of high-quality films that have been shown both in cinemas and on streaming services. And as a result of the huge success of the movie “Halloween” in 2018, a number of the best horror films have returned in the form of new sequels. The current trilogy of this slasher is coming to an end this fall, and a new image, “The End of Halloween,” featured one of Michael Myers’ victims.

Director David Gordon Green was behind the cameras in the current Halloween trilogy, in which Jamie Lee Curtis plays the last girl Laurie Strode. The upcoming “Halloween Ends” triquel will be Curtis’ swan song in the property, so the stakes are definitely high. The content of the film currently remains a mystery, but a new image from Empire shows Michael Myers attacking one of the many people he is supposed to kill in a slasher. Check it out for yourself below,

EXCLUSIVE: “Halloween Ends” director David Gordon Green is still toying with the film’s ending: “It changes every day,” he tells Empire.

Oh. The violence in the current Halloween trilogy was pretty brutal, and Michael Myers is clearly not going to be lenient with his victims in Ends. This woman is covered in Boogeyman wounds and is still at the center of the attack. Hopefully, as we get closer to its release in theaters and streaming, more footage will be released on Peacock. Will The Shape finally be stopped forever? Time will show.

The image above came to us from Empire, which also interviewed director David Gordon Green about the mysterious contents of Halloween Ends. During this conversation, the famous director said that the finale of the slasher is constantly changing and being adjusted before its release this fall. As he put it,

It changes every day. Theoretically, the image is closed, but this morning I called the editor and said, “What if we do this.”

These comments show how methodically David Gordon Green and screenwriter Danny McBride approached their work on the Halloween franchise. They both share a true love for John Carpenter’s 1978 original and strive to honor him throughout the current trilogy. So Green wants to stick with touchdown when it comes to the Halloween finale.

As mentioned earlier, little is known about the content of Halloween Ends. It is expected that there will be a time jump in the upcoming slasher, which will allow the timeline in the universe to catch up with the real world. Recently, the first trailer of the film appeared online, which was cut with footage from the original film. You can check it out below, but don’t expect to learn much about the actual slasher plot from the teaser.

These first shots definitely helped keep the expectation of the end of Halloween alive, which will be in theaters and in homes before we know it. Fans are looking forward to the full trailer, which will tell more about how Laurie, Allison and several other survivors survived the Michael massacre in Haddonfield. Hopefully, the trailer will also feature “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” icon Kyle Richards, who has been noticeably absent from marketing so far.

“Halloween Ends” will be released in theaters and on “Peacock” on October 14. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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