New Google tool reveals why a company is calling you


Google announced on its official blog a tool that promises to be very useful to prevent spam and fraudulent calls, which are so uncomfortable for users, and which end up damaging trust in companies. The new functionality promises that users will be able to find out the reason for an eventual company call before accepting it.

According to Google, the tool had been in the testing phase for a few months now, and the results proved to be positive, with people answering more calls for which they already had prior knowledge of the subject. After all, who never rejected a call from an unknown number precisely because they did not know what it was about?

What are Verified Calls?

Verified Calls is a feature that is part of the Google “Phone” application, which is already pre-installed on many Android phones and will be available for download starting this week for the devices on which it is absent.

Although it looks sophisticated, the feature works simple: as soon as Google identifies that a company is calling you, the application displays the name, number and logo of the establishment, followed by the reason for the call and a verification symbol indicating that that company was authenticated by Google.

How will the new system be implemented?

The entire process is done safely; Google warrants that it does not collect or store any type of information or personally identifiable information after verification. The tool was designed, according to the search giant, to allow banks to alert their customers about possible fraud, and for delivery services.

The Verified Calls feature is being implemented initially in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Spain and India, with other countries yet to come. The “Telephone” app is available on the Play Store, although it is not compatible with all smartphones. The company clarifies that it will extend support for more devices in the coming weeks.


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