New Google Nest Hub can win Pixel 4 ‘aerial gestures’


Two years after launch, the Nest Hub smart display is expected to win a new version. Recently, a new interactive device from Google was approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US telecommunications regulator.

According to the document, the gadget called A4R-GUIK2 has a screen and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. In addition, it brings support to Zigbee – wireless communication protocol for smart home devices.

As the North American website 9to5Google points out, Google uses the term “interactive device” to classify smart speakers and smart displays. It was previously used when registering the original Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max with the regulatory body.

Other information in the FCC document reveals that the device will operate in the frequency range of 58-63.5 GHz – the same as the Pixel 4 smartphone. With this, it is speculated that the gadget uses Motion Sense technology.

That way, the user can use gestures to control the device. Something similar to the main functionality of Nest Thermostat, which turns the home thermostat on or off when identifying the presence of people in the environment.


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