New Google Chrome update focuses on performance boost


The latest update for Google Chrome brings significant performance improvements, according to information from the software giant. “This month’s Chrome update represents the most significant performance boost in recent years for Chrome’s performance,” said Matt Waddell, Chrome’s product director. Waddell also noted that most of these changes were made behind the scenes.

With the new update, the active tab in Chrome will be privileged compared to other tabs. This will reduce CPU usage by 5 times and increase battery life by 1.25 hours, according to information from the company. It was also underlined that while doing this, Google does not compromise on features that users care about such as playing music in the background and receiving notifications.

It is also among the points mentioned by Google that Chrome will launch much faster with the update. It is stated that the browser will open 25 percent faster than before. It was stated that the page loading speed will increase by 7 percent, and it was also emphasized that all this will be done by consuming less RAM and power compared to the past.

One of the innovations offered by Google is the tab search feature. It can be said that this feature will make the work of employees much easier by opening many tabs in the browser. Users will be able to see an open tab window regardless of the window they are in and immediately access the tab they are looking for via the search bar. The feature in question will first be available on Chromebooks.

Another innovation is called “Chrome Actions” (Chrome Gestures). Google notes that this way users can do things with just a few taps. Users can quickly do this by typing “edit passwords” or “delete history” in the address bar. Focusing primarily on privacy and security, Google will first bring this feature to users on the desktop.

Google Chrome users will soon encounter cards when they open a new tab. In the first place, these cards will direct users to the websites they have recently visited. In 2021, entertainment-oriented card options will also be added to the list. Cards will be accessible to a limited number of users in the first place.

Google has also prepared a Chrome version for Apple’s Macs with M1 processors.


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