New glass bow: the surface of the details of the character “Get knives”


The premiere of “Glass Bow: The Mystery of Knives” will take place on Netflix in December. In addition to the return of Daniel Craig as the legendary detective Benoit Blanc, the cast of characters played for the sequel “Get Knives” is new, with stories relatively unknown to viewers. It’s unclear who Blanc will suspect of a blatant act of foul play, but new details about each character may clarify the picture.

According to Empire, the new talented cast will play a mature group of old acquaintances who have been summoned to Greece to participate in a game that solves a murder mystery. Lesile Odom Jr. will appear in the sequel “Get Knives” as Lionel Toussaint, who will be joined by Katherine Hahn as Connecticut Governor Claire Debella and Kate Hudson as designer Birdie Jay. It is said that Khan’s character misunderstands several characters and can play an important role in the events of the film.

The new cast will also include Edward Norton as technological disruptor Miles Bron, See star Dave Batista as YouTube star Duke Cody, Jessica Henwick as Birdie’s assistant Peg and Janelle Monae as entrepreneur Cassandra “Andy” Brand. Each new character is incredibly different in their professional field, which can play a role in their mysterious personalities and the antagonism that develops between them when the murder mystery game turns into something real and consistent. Empire also presented new photos of the actors, in which some members of the ensemble are best seen.

A notable absence from the revealed character descriptions is “Black Phone” star Ethan Hawke, who will also join the newly assembled cast of characters. Hawke’s conspicuous absence may mean a few things, but it could point to a talented actor portraying a rich friend who brought everyone together in Greece. However, it is unclear whether his character will play an integral role or his character’s death will be a trifle, igniting an avalanche of events.

“Get Knives” first appeared in 2019 and was well received by both critics and viewers. The film has grossed over $311 million worldwide and has been the subject of cinematic conversations throughout its long run. It’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice, but “Get Knives 2” will try to reproduce and improve the film about the mysterious murder. Craig’s return as Detective Benoit Blanc ensures that Get Knives 2 stays true to its roots, but it will be interesting to see what unique approach the newly recruited cast can add to the well-known franchise.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will be released on Netflix on December 23, 2022.


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