New generation of ‘green planes’ will spend 70% less fuel


The North American startup SE Aeronautics has unveiled an ambitious project that aims to inaugurate “a new generation of aircraft”. This is the SE200, a large aircraft with characteristics that can re-signify concepts of efficiency, sustainability, safety and comfort, ensuring unprecedented optimization of operating costs.

SE Aeronautics’ goal is to reduce fuel consumption per passenger by 70%, and CO2 emissions by 80%, thanks to the configurations developed by the team that brought the novelty to life.

Lloyd Weaver, chief engineer of SE Aeronautics, explains that the light and triple kite, which significantly improves drag support, as well as improving its short takeoff and landing capabilities (STOL), has been incorporated into composite material, molded into sturdy single piece. “We built it all,” he celebrates.

In addition to accommodating 264 passengers, the SE200 will have an uninterrupted range of almost 17,000 kilometers and, compared to other units, double the service life, requiring only half the overall cost of the hourly block.

“This aircraft will be the most practical, profitable and permanent solution for today’s low-performance passenger aircraft technology,” says Tyler Mathews, CEO of the startup.

Future of aviation

Among more details of the SE200, self-sealing bags at the top of the fuselage are the ones that store the fuel, not the wings, and in the event of an emergency landing on the water, the aircraft floats.

In turn, a new ventilation and air supply system never recycles it and dramatically reduces the risk of passenger exposure to any infection, such as the covid-19.

Finally, the “tilting” seat creates a comfort experience that the economy class has yet to experience, stresses SE Aeronautics, which promises: “The future of aviation in America will change dramatically. We will revolutionize the industry.” The launch of even bigger models is also in the company’s plans.


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