New Generation Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards May Come With High Power Consumption


New generation Nvidia and AMD graphics cards may come with high power consumption. Allegations made while Nvidia and AMD are working on new generation graphics cards say that the new cards can come with a power consumption of up to 500W.

While Nvidia and AMD continue to work on new generation graphics cards, new information from kopite7kimi and Greymon55 accounts say that new graphics cards can reach 400W and above power consumption. The rumored claims include the RTX 4000 series with the AD102 architecture that Nvidia will release an AMD’s RDNA3 architecture.

Increased power consumption per die

Nvidia’s AD102 cards are thought to be very difficult and the use of GDDR6X memory with high power consumption is also thought to cause this. On the AMD side, Navi 31, the best card of the RDNA3 series, is said to consume less than 500W per 350 mm² core die, and the peak models will consume 450-480W considering 600-650 mm² dimensions.

Compared to the new generation graphics cards, it had a low power consumption value of 180W with the GTX 1080 output. However, a previous generation RTX 2080 this value together with the power of 215W ‘a rose, the latest generation RTX 3080 from 320W We met with such a high value. There is more to the release of new graphics cards, but if these alleged numbers are correct, it may cause many users to react.

Can force laptops

Gaming laptops produced today also use attenuated versions of these cards, but the increased power consumption and cooling performance are becoming more and more of a nuisance for portable computers. We see that the graphics cards offered on the laptop are generally below the power value limit of 150W. However, the high power values ​​of the new video cards can be very difficult on laptop computers.


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