New Generation Batteries Will Be Used In Model Ys


Elon Musk said that the recently announced 4680 batteries will be used in Model Y vehicles to be produced at the factory to be opened in Berlin. New generation batteries increase the battery capacity of the vehicles while reducing the cost. Time will tell how this will reflect on vehicles.

Tesla, the pioneer of the electric motor automobile industry, recently announced its new batteries “4680” that will give life to its vehicles. Including significant improvements over existing batteries, the 4680s would reduce costs while increasing energy capacity. In the latest statements made by Elon Musk, he announced that these batteries will be used in Model Y vehicles to be produced at Tesla’s factory in Berlin.

The factory to be established by Tesla in Berlin, the capital of Germany, caused reactions from the people of the region. According to the claims of the local people, this factory posed a great risk to the natural resources of the region. However, even though discussions about the factory continue, Tesla says the factory will start operating in 2021. Model Ys from those factories will also use 4680 batteries, which reduce the cost while increasing the capacity.

Elon Musk, in his statements on Twitter, says that the batteries to be used in the factory in Berlin may cause some production problems. Because these new batteries will be used in vehicles to be produced in a new factory. However, Tesla’s factories in the USA and China will complete the transition to new batteries within a few years. Time will tell what difficulties Tesla will have in this regard.

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By the way, Tesla’s new generation batteries do not only bring changes in terms of capacity and cost. The new batteries will also change the overall design of the vehicles. Because in current designs, the batteries were mounted on the chassis in the front and rear parts of the vehicles. New generation batteries will be produced in one piece. We will see what changes this will bring to vehicle designs in the future.


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