New generation AirPods can come with a key feature


New generation AirPods can come with bone conduction technology to provide quality sound in a variety of situations where normal headphones are not effective. This move by Apple can cause a big change, especially in the field of wireless headphones.

New generation AirPods can come with bone conduction technology

Bone Conduction (bone conduction technology), which is actually the technology that people looking for quality sound in headphones, may be a new technology that Apple will offer for its wireless headphones. So what is this technology actually?

The technology called Bone Conduction was originally discovered by Ludwing Van Beethoven in the 18th century. Since the famous composer was almost deaf, he discovered that when performing his compositions, he could hear a stick attached to his piano, when he bit off while playing his piece, thanks to the fact that the jaw bone transmitted the sound to his inner ear.

We can explain it as the sound transmission technology in which the sound transmission is transmitted directly to the inner ear, not by transmitting the sound to the eardrum with the headphones, but by crossing the eardrum with the skull and jaw bones. There are also some drawbacks that limit the utility of bone conduction. The first is that it can operate at high frequencies. People typically hear voices from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz without loss. Bone conduction is effective only at lower levels of 4,000 Hz and the sound quality deteriorates in higher Hz ranges.

It turned out that Apple received a patent titled “Multipath sound stimulation using sound compressors” from the US Patent and Trademark Office last Tuesday. Apple considers that problems with bone conduction can be alleviated, in part, with the support of standard air delivery methods.

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This combined signal is then transmitted using the bone conduction over the user’s skull. Ineffective high frequency component when sent through bone conduction, instead it is normally sent into the air, producing uncomfortable quality sound. Apple’s 2014 and 2015 patent applications for bone conduction technology reveal that it has been working for many years for its wireless headphones.


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