New gameplay video for Elden Ring is on the way


Bandai Namco has announced that they will release a new gameplay video for Elden Ring. A date has been set for the 15-minute gameplay video.


A new gameplay video date has been announced for Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware. The developer team, which we know with the Dark Souls series, managed to excite the fans of the genre with its new game. Previously released gameplay footage was enough for FromSoftware fans. Unlike the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring will come with an open world. Although it is an open world, it was stated that very large areas should not be expected.

Elden Ring new gameplay video coming November 4th

Bandai Namco, the publisher of the game, announced that it will release a new gameplay video from Elden Ring on November 4. The company plans to release a 15-minute gameplay video of the game. The gameplay video of the game will be published at 17:00 CEST. You can watch the broadcast on YouTube and Twitch. Elden Ring would normally be released in January 2022 but has been delayed to February 25, 2022. You don’t have to wait to play the game. A beta test will take place on November 12. You can register for the test from this link.

Those selected among those who have registered will be able to participate in the beta test. Beta tests will take place between 12-15 November in five different sessions, three hours each time. Phil Spencer, president of Xbox, said he had already played Elden Ring last year, describing it as “Director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s ‘most ambitious game’.

While Hidetaka Miyazaki sits in the director’s chair of the play, George R. R. Martin supports the story. It is stated that R. R. Martin created the world of the game. Martin, who has already supported the story, did not intervene in the scenario part of the game. Miyazaki stated that the word Ring in the name of the game means round, not ring.

Elden Ring will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. A free upgrade to the PS5 version will be available for PS4 players. Smart Delivery support will be available for Xbox versions.