New game from Monument Valley’s developer


Monument Valley is among the most popular games of recent years. Ustwo, the developer of Monument Valley, whose sequel is also popular, is getting ready to return to the fields with a new game. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, announced in July, will meet with players at Steam and Apple Arcade on December 11th.

It was previously announced that console versions of the Alba will also be released. However, it remains uncertain when the game will be released for which platforms. In Alba, which is known to be a game about nature, attention is drawn to what people can do when they come together.

The Ustwo team underlines that Alba is a very personal game. It is stated that the play tells a story inspired by the childhood of the employees on the Mediterranean coast.

Alba’s page on the App Store has recently been activated. Therefore, this announcement should not be surprised. Ustwo had previously announced that he was working for Monument Valley 3. When this game will be released, it remains uncertain for now.


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