New front in commission wars: Apple vs Facebook


The tension on the Apple side has been quite high lately. The tension first started with the removal of Fortnite, one of the Epic Games games, from the App Store. In the following process, Epic Games, which received support from various brands, carried the process to legal ways. In a different event that can be associated with this issue, this time it happened to Facebook due to the commission fees.

Apple vs Facebook: update blocked!

Facebook’s act of notifying its users that Apple will receive 30 percent commission for purchases made from within the application failed. This feature to be added to the application with the update has been blocked by Apple. Apple reported that updating the status violated an App Store rule that prevented it from showing irrelevant information to users.

It cannot be said that the technology world is approaching this policy applied by Apple to developers. Especially in such a global health crisis, every company has to take some steps economically. In line with this, Facebook was also planning to introduce a new tool in its application that allows online transactions and other businesses to organize paid events.

After this long-standing policy of Apple, some developers state that Apple receives a 30 percent commission for in-app purchases from each developer under the name of app store rules. It is also among the information that all attempts made by the developers to Apple regarding this issue have failed.

As can be seen in the image above, Facebook was announcing to users who shop on its platform that Apple will receive 30 percent of the payment.


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