New Free Game Series from Epic Store: 3 Out of 10


Steam, which has long been the only ruler of the online gaming market for a long time, has attained various rivals over time. Although these rivals are companies that sell their own games, Epic Store has proven to be a much more aggressive and more aggressive competitor.

Epic Store, which has been frequently mentioned with the games it provides free of charge recently, now presents a new game series. The game named ‘3 Out of 10’ will be published as an episode every week, and the first 5 episodes will be presented to the players free of charge every week.

What game is 3 Out of 10?

In this production, we play a character named Midge and we get the opportunity to work as an animator in a game studio that has always been our dream. Shovelworks Studios, which is our only workplace, does not look like a normal place.

The production contains many mini games in itself. The purpose of these mini-games is to explain the experiences in the game development world in a satirical and playful way. How funny the jokes are depends on your sense of humor.

Half comedy half game

We are trying to prevent things from going astray in the world’s most absurd and strangest game studio in the production, whose full name is 3 Out of 10, EP 1: “Welcome to Shovelworks”. Could things get worse in a studio that is the worst in the world? Absolutely.

When describing this game, Epic Games defines it as “Half sitcom, half game”. So we’re going to play as if we were watching an interactive series. In the first promotional trailer, we get to know the characters we will encounter in the game and get information about the workplace.

How to download 3 Out of 10?

To download 3 Out of 10, you must have an Epic Games account. You can get this account for free. Then what you have to do is as follows:

Go to the game page
Press Install
Click the Order button
Congratulations! You can enjoy the game.

New levels will be added to the game in the coming weeks. 3 Out of 10 can be a fun cookie game.


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