New Fortnite portal targets Alien’s Xenomorph


Fortnite Season 5 is back with crossovers, this time bringing TRON characters into the game as bounty hunters.

The most recent Fortnite season has been a crossover delight. Fans of other forms of media are certainly delighted to see so many characters from film, television, and games enter Fortnite through the Bounty Hunter theme from season 5.

Most recently, Epic announced that The Flash will be heading to Fortnite, with the ability for players to get the skin for free. Just a few days later, they posted a Reality Log confirming rumors that TRON was entering Fortnite.

The Reality Log occurred after one of the portals on Fortnite Island was opened. Inside, a distinct futuristic aesthetic could be seen with iconic and unmistakable music.

Fortnite X TRON crossover

In case anyone was still undecided on what this crossover might be, the music gave it away. This might just be the most iconic theme song out there, proving that TRON characters will be on their way to Fortnite.

When will we see TRON in Fortnite? We don’t know yet. We assume that the characters will enter Fortnite Season 5 shortly after The Flash, which hits the Item Shop this weekend.

The skin, itself, will be interesting and could include more customization options than any other Season 5 crossover we’ve seen. We also expect a ride-on glider and futuristic pickaxe to go along with the skin (s).

We will keep you posted when we learn more about the Fortnite X TRON release date. We may even have a chance to win the free skin through a tournament. Follow us @FortniteINTEL so you never miss the latest Fortnite news.


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