New Fortnite portal suggests crossover with “Alien”


The Xenomorph will soon arrive on the island of the Fortnite battle royale. The last Crossover of Fortnite can be with movies Alien and appears to involve specifically the xenomorfo creature , a collaboration that would be one of the most innovative in the game.

A new portal was opened on the island as it has been done in previous crossovers with leaks and data mines that indicate that the product of this It is a male skin with a built-in emote. The eerie sounds coming from the portal have convinced many that it will bring an “Alien” skin to the game.

You can hear those sounds for yourself in the video below from Fortnite data miner HYPEX, who shared it on Twitter Wednesday morning. While some suspected it could be a DOOM teaser that would also make sense given that the entire seasonit has been themed around hunters and related characters.

The portal is known as the “Kepler” portal , according to HYPEX . Portals like these are usually followed soon after by more teasers, so it shouldn’t be long before we see these suggestions come true and what’s to come added.


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