New format from Spotify that music lovers will enjoy


Spotify takes a step to bring podcasts and music closer. The company announced it is testing a new format that makes it possible to play an entire song on podcasts. Previously, only certain parts of the songs could be heard in podcasts. Content owners will be able to prepare podcasts in this format via Anchor, the podcast creation application owned by Spotify. The new format will make Spotify the only podcast platform where songs can be played entirely without copyright issues.

Podcast producers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland will be able to take advantage of this format. Thanks to this format, it will be easier to promote songs just like a radio or to give information about the songs in music-themed podcasts. These contents to be created over Anchor can only be accessed on Spotify.

In fact, all of the content created with this new format has to be specific to Spotify. Because the technology is based on license agreements that Spotify has made with record companies. Spotify stated that thanks to this format, podcasts can turn into a commented playlist.

You need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber to hear all the songs. Free users will only be able to hear 30 seconds of songs as they cannot play the songs directly.

Spotify also announced seven new podcasts prepared with this new format. Music will be the focus of all of these new formats. In these podcasts and other similar programs made via Anchor, users will be able to interact with the content. Songs can be recorded for listening later, or it will be possible to skip episodes of the podcast.

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With this new format, Spotify is turning into a more attractive medium for podcast producers to start and maintain programs. Spotify gives every creator the opportunity to become a radio DJ.


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