New Firefox: ‘Project Proton’ will redesign browser look


Mozilla announced a complete update of its browser, called the Proton project, which promises to recover the lost time (and opportunities) of Firefox in relation to competitors, bringing not only radical changes in design, but an improvement package in the interface with the user.

It seems that the designers of Firefox realized that the browser was moving quickly against Chrome, and also that of other browsers based on the Chromium source code, such as Edge and Opera. While Google started to work in a minimalist design, “hiding” the advanced features, Firefox offers more initial options, but somewhat “overwhelming” for the novice user.

The appearance of the new Firefox Proton

Proton is arriving in an attempt to clean up the heavy look, according to data obtained by the website Techdows on Monday (25). According to the publication, the browser bets on the experience of the New Tab and on the revolutionary hamburger menu, at the same time praised and criticized by many.

Nova Tab’s proposal is to provide easy options to personalize and customize new tabs with themes, background images and content to be displayed in “speed dial” boxes based on the Speed ​​Dial plugin, which allows you to access most visited sites from a single place.

The visual experience of the new Firefox also brings more lightness to the user, not opening with that bunch of options that are not always necessary. However, unlike Chrome, the interface devised by Mozilla will be of the expandable type instead of simply throwing users to hidden flags and configuration pages.

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All of this should result in a lighter and smoother browser, with rounded corners and pleasant colors.


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