New Firefox for Android brings tabs synchronized between devices


Mozilla started on Tuesday (14) to release a new update for the Beta version of the Firefox browser for Android. The novelty is now available for some regions under the number 75.0.0-beta.4 – that is, if you have the application available, you can check the news.

The new version of Firefox Beta on the Google platform brings a faster and completely redesigned engine, which speeds up the loading of pages and content without increasing consumption on the device so much. In addition, it has more specific privacy controls and features tabs synchronized with other devices, if you are logged in with your account. These features were previously only part of Firefox Preview, an earlier stage of browser testing. The migration started at the end of January this year and the expectation is that it will leave the Beta for the traditional app from the end of May.

This update, however, came as a few cuts: as the version still involves a trial period, certain features are missing. The only extension available, for example, is uBlock Origin – the others should only be released in a next Beta modification.

Excess or care?
As noted by the Android Police website, Mozilla has an organization problem on Android: officially, it has at least four different browser steps available on Google Play, all with a similar operation, but at different and progressive levels of stability.

In addition to traditional Firefox and the Beta version, there is also Firefox Preview (also called Fenix, a kind of pilot for more impatient and experienced developers and fans) and Firefox Nightly (a development channel for versions with Mozilla experimental builds) . Not to mention the Firefox Focus variation, totally geared towards private browsing.