New FIFA 21 patch brings numerous improvements and fixe


This Wednesday, 4th, Eletronic Arts released another update for FIFA 21, focused on correcting flaws and bugs, improving gameplay and improving the performance of online and offline game modes. The patch had the contribution of community feedback via social networks and adds dozens of content for players from all platforms.

Between the gameplay, a new random celebration was added, and dribbling skills were adjusted for athletes with 5 stars of skills. The yellow card criteria were also reevaluated, becoming more selective as many players complained that the judge was yellow with unfounded fouls or that they did not even occur.

Physics problems involving contact with the ball have been improved, and the tactical flaws that prevented the AI ​​from moving correctly, especially during markings and approaches for boats and tackles have been adjusted. Issues with buggy positioning of athletes, problems with command recognition with the D-Pad and others have also been fixed.

As for the FUT mode, some athletes get new animations in the main menu, and the issues involving the opponents’ latency have been adjusted. Much of the interface was reworked, especially where there was a lot of information polluting the screen unnecessarily.

The Volta mode interface has been redone to show more match data and players, as well as rewards for completing challenges. The Career mode has also been improved, but with specific details of adjustments in transfers, personalization and others.

FIFA 21 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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