New features on the way for WhatsApp


WhatsApp came up with two new features that it will win. In this context, WhatsApp will bring a new feature that can be used to mute videos before uploading them to the status and sending them to a person. Although this is a first-stage feature for Android users, it is likely to come soon for iPhone users.

There is another new feature for iPhone users. This feature is called ” read later ” and allows the user to have a better version of the existing Archived Chats feature.

WhatsApp is here with two new features to win

WABetalinfo mentions the presence of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, a feature that can mute videos before uploading them as a user status or sending them to other people. From the shared screenshot, just tap the speaker icon next to the file size and duration details to edit the video. In this way, the video is muted.

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It is said that the new feature is still in development and this update has not even been available for beta testing so far. In the near future, this update is expected to be available for Android users.

Another report from WABetalnfo reports that WhatsApp is not only working on mute videos, but also trying to replace existing archived chats using the read later feature. It is said that the WhatsApp version beta for iPhone will have this new feature in the future.

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