New Features of Instagram to Offer to Its Users Appeared


Instagram continues to work on new features that we will offer to its users. Features that the Instagram team is working on include group stories, auto scrolling for Reels.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms today, continues to offer new features to its users. The feature that the company is working on this time is Group Stories that can be shared from Instagram group chats.

This feature that Instagram is working on was first shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, an application developer. Sharing the screenshot below, Alessandro Paluzzi stated that the Group Story feature is in the testing phase.

A number of new features from Instagram

According to Paluzzi, it won’t matter how many groups you are in Group Stories. There will be story options for each group where a story can be posted, as well as for other users on the platform. Moreover, the features that Instagram will offer to its users are not limited to this.

According to Paluzzi, another feature that Instagram will offer to its users in the near future will be about Instagram Reels. Instagram will soon offer auto scrolling to its users on Reels. This feature, which is currently in development, will be similar to Instagram’s Stories feature. Users will not need to switch between videos separately.

Additionally, the platform is making subtle changes to the Direct Message part. Accordingly, Instagram Direct Messages will have a tab where all of the GIFs and stickers you used to chat with your friends before. Users will be able to send sticker effects in Direct Messages.

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Instagram continues to work on new features that will affect the user experience, as we said above. Well, what do you think about these new features that will be offered to users? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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