New features for TikTok Family Match Mode


TikTok Family Match Mode was available earlier this year. The popular social network has announced new features for this mode that allows parents to guide their children.

TikTok’s Family Matching Mode raises parents about online safety and digital literacy, and allows teens to guide their online experience. With the new updates, security tools in Family Match Mode can be further customized.

These new features are listed as follows:

Search: You can specify which content, users, tags or songs teens search for.

Comments: You can specify who can comment on teenagers’ videos. Everyone, friends or nobody has the option for this.

Discoverability: You can choose your teen’s account to be private or public. In the hidden account option, the user decides who can see its content. With the public option, all users can search and view the content.

Liked videos: You can decide who can view the videos young people like.

In addition to the innovations it offers for TikTok Family Matching Mode, it continues to offer guides for teens. One of these guides was the Youth Portal, designed to help families learn about internet security, enforcement tools and control mechanisms.


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