New features for Google Maps Live View


Google Maps is the number one navigation app for many. However, not everyone wants to use a completely digital map. Google Maps offered an augmented reality-based Live View feature for these users. The company is now making innovations to make it easier to locate and find friends in Live View.

Live View tries to achieve two things with the help of augmented reality. Live View, which provides a car-like navigation service for walkers, places virtual arrows on the walkway and helps users understand their approach with visual aids. The need to hold both the head and the phone up when using Live View reduces the possibility of hitting or stuck while looking at the phone.

Live View will soon show its users important structures and points more clearly. In the first place, very popular structures will be marked in Live View. In this way, users will be able to more easily notice where they are and where they are going.

It also helps those who want to meet their friends with Google Maps Live View. Previously, only Pixel phone owners could share location via Live View. All Android users and iPhone owners will now be able to share location with Live View.

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