New features focusing on zoom, desktop and Android


The Zoom video calling program is starting to receive an update focused on the desktop and Android versions, where several features have been added and this makes usability even more interesting.

For those who use the app version on their cell phones, there are some attractive options, such as improved integration with the cloud to have more synchronized access to contacts and call history.

In addition, the Android version now receives improvements in the meeting feature, showing a more efficient management of the “raising hands” process, giving feedback, as well as in support of text messages and security features.

And it looks like these updates won’t be Zoom’s biggest hit, where the developer is focused on creating a complete platform to compete directly with Google and Microsoft for their essential services.

As an example, there is the possibility for the company to insert the e-mail and calendar administration, a feature widely used by those who are part of the corporate world, Zoom’s main target audience.

According to The Information, these web-based services may start to be made available by the company for testing from next year, so it is important to keep an eye out for upcoming updates.

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