New feature for YouTube search results!


YouTube, the world’s most popular online video platform, is soon gaining a new and remarkable feature. In a screenshot appearing on Reddit, YouTube search results are getting a new integration.

New feature for YouTube search results
It shared a feature tested in a Reddit user’s YouTube app for Android. According to the resulting feature, the YouTube search list will now show the content found on the Google search engine.

Currently, we can only find videos from this platform among the search results. However, with the feature tested, we will now be able to see a larger search result with Google search results.

Tested with limited users on the Android platform, the new feature is welcomed in terms of functionality. Because you can find a video that you cannot find on YouTube in the same application without any further action.

No other user who tested and noticed this feature apart from the Reddit user did not appear. However, it may not be a big surprise for Google to release its new functionality for YouTube.


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