A new feature in WhatsApp for iPhone


WhatsApp continues to continuously offer many new features and improvements for its users. In a recent development, the popular messaging app for iPhone has received a new update that brings the WhatsApp version number to 2.20.40. This new update of the app offers a useful option for sharing content on iPhone.

Available to all iPhone users
After the update, iPhone shows WhatsApp contact suggestions directly in the sharing page menu with version 2.20.40. Users can effortlessly share their desired content with people by touching and selecting any option in the list. The update is available to all iPhone users around the world.

Sharing action on iPhone WhatsApp is more convenient now
According to WhatsApp version 2.20.40 for iPhone, on iOS 13, WhatsApp contacts will be shown as suggestions on the sharing page as users share content from another app. Previously, there was only the WhatsApp icon on the sharing page. In this sharing feature, which takes time according to the current update, previously it was necessary to open the application’s sharing menu and then select the necessary people to share the content. The action of sharing has become more useful, since WhatsApp will now display the contact’s name directly on iPhone devices.

The Changelog in the App Store for WhatsApp v2.20.40 says: On iOS 13, when you share content from another application, your WhatsApp contacts will now appear as suggestions on the sharing page.

For example, if you want to share an image, you must first touch the WhatsApp contact. When you are done, you can edit and send the photo via WhatsApp, which opens the sharing window with the contact.

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If you haven’t received the WhatsApp version 2.20.40 update for iPhone, you can check the latest version update of WhatsApp from the App Store to access the new WhatsApp sharing page on iOS 13.


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