New feature to WhatsApp: expired media!


Facebook continues to improve the experience of its users by keeping WhatsApp up to date. WhatsApp, which has become indispensable for phone users today, is preparing to appear with its expired media feature.

WhatsApp will have Expired Media feature!

In the report shared by WABetaInfo yesterday, it was announced that the multi-device support that enables WhatsApp to be used on 4 devices at the same time has come to an end. The new report revealed that the WhatsApp team is working on the Media Expired feature, like Snapchat’s self-deleting media.

WhatsApp Süresi Dolan Medya özelliğine kavuşacak!

After selecting a photo, video or GIF, you will be able to send it in a timely manner by clicking the icon on the left. There is no mention of any time period, according to the information obtained at the moment, when you complete the conversation with that person, the content you send (photo, video or GIF) will be lost.

WhatsApp Güncelleme

However, there is some confusion. Because it remains uncertain whether this content will disappear from your phone or from your phone. Or whether WhatsApp notifies the other party that the content is periodic is currently unknown.

It is currently unknown when this feature, detected in WhatsApp Beta Android, will be available to users. We would like to remind you that various studies have been carried out for automatically deleted messages before.

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