New feature to increase user security from Zoom


Zoom announced that it will offer the double-factor authentication feature to all users. This will make it easier to prevent leakage of meetings or other vulnerabilities. When the feature is activated, it will be necessary to enter a single-use code created with a mobile verification application or sent via SMS to log in to Zoom.

Thus, cyber attackers will be prevented from hijacking accounts with stolen or recycled credentials. Because it will be mandatory to access the user’s mobile device in order to log into the account.

The new feature will be available on Zoom’s web portal, desktop app, mobile apps and Zoom Room. A feature that supports time-based one-time password (TOTP) protocol; It will also work with authentication apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and FreeOTP. SAML, OAuth and password-based authentication methods are also supported by Zoom’s new feature.

Zoom follows a different method from its past actions by offering the double-step verification feature to all its users. The company previously announced that it will open the end-to-end encryption feature only to its paid users, and this decision was reacted.

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