A new feature for stories from Snapchat!


As we know, Snapchat’s stories feature first introduced in 2013 enables users to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The Stories format of Snapchat, cloned by Instagram and Facebook, still continues to be copied by more diverse apps. Snapchat also rolled up its sleeves for a different initiative while preserving the authenticity of its feature. Snapchat users can now share their stories outside Snapchat, thanks to the latest update.

Users can share their Snaps in other apps too
The App Stories feature introduced today is a kind of invitation from Snapchat to third-party developers. Thus, third party software developers will be able to easily bring the Stories features to their applications using App Stories and Snapchat’s existing technology. And users will be able to allow their Snap to take part in another application.

App Stories is part of Snap Kit, a type of code for other apps to provide Snapchat integrations. Thanks to this feature, software developers will not have to create their own Story features from scratch. Users can send their stories to the apps that have provided integration from the sharing screen in Snapchat.

More people will be able to see a new feature
App Stories will allow users to transfer Snapchat photos and videos to other apps and will theoretically increase the number of people who can see content from the social app. The new feature can help promote Snapchat to more people. In addition, it can help the company maintain user growth by increasing the ad revenue stream.

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In addition, the company says demographic information and friend lists are not shared with third-party apps. Four applications; Triller, Squad, Hly and Octi used App Stories to create Snapchat integration. Snapchat users will have to wait a while to see if their favorite apps are adapting to Snapchat Stories integration. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Snapchat made a deal with 150 new partners using the Snap Kit.


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