New Feature to Prevent Wrong Information About Coronavirus from Twitter


One of the most popular social media platforms of today, Twitter has launched a new feature to prevent false information about coronavirus. With this feature, users will be directed to accurate and reliable resources.

In these days when the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread rapidly, reaching the right information is of great importance. At this point, especially social media platforms do a great job. Aware of this situation, Twitter launched a new feature to prevent the spread of false information about the coronavirus on the platform.

Launched in the Middle East and North Africa region, also known as MENA, this feature was based primarily on guiding people to the right resources while looking for information about COVID-19. So when users log into Twitter to learn about coronavirus, they will encounter reliable content at the top of the search results.

The new feature of Twitter is also used in our country:
This feature, which is currently implemented with official local partnerships in approximately 50 countries worldwide, can also be used in our country. In his statements on the subject, the Twitter management stated that they maintained the “zero tolerance” approach against manipulation and attempts to abuse the service on the platform.

What can Twitter users do?
As developments regarding coronavirus continue to occur, Twitter recommends that users follow the World Health Organization or local health ministries to get the most accurate information. At this point users to achieve reliable information ‘# Discover’ located at the top part of the ‘current developments in Turkey regarding Kovid-19’ can click on tabs and browse developments located under the hood.

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Twitter welcomes people browsing this tab with the article “This page offers instant developments regarding coronavirus from Turkish officials and media organizations”. On the tab, we can see that the tweets on the tab were made by the well-known media organs in our country.

Users can report this tweet when they suspect or see a swearing tweet on this tab. Twitter underlines that it will continue to provide important updates as this situation evolves.


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