New Feature on Twitter With the Code #81921CB23227! What is #81921CB23227?


Twitter users discovered a new feature this morning. When a tweet is sent with the hashtag #81921CB23227 and the like button is pressed, a colorful animation appears. The new feature, which came out with the code #81921CB23227 on Twitter, surprised all users. What is #81921CB23227? The answer to the question began to be explored. Here are all the curiosities…

Twitter came up with its new feature today. Discovered with the code 81921CB23227, the new feature on Twitter entered the world agenda. A different animation plays when Tweets containing #81921CB23227 are liked. So, what is code #81921CB23227?

WHAT IS #81921CB23227?

Twitter users encountered a new “feature” today. When a post is made with the hashtag #81921CB23227, users who press the like button see a colorful animation.

When you fav tweets with the #81921CB23227 hashtag, the animation below appears.

Here are the posts with the tag:

When you RT, the heart comes out, when you Fav it, it’s like in the picture.


Friends, this is very nice, when you fav it, it becomes like this;


If you fav this, I think the emoji will change immediately


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