New feature for Instagram! Shopping is getting easier


Facebook came up with a news that pleased users who want to sell on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, introduced the Facebook Shops application. Instagram Shop is also available in this application.

For those who want to sell on Instagram: Instagram Shop
Instagram, which helped businesses with its application called “Small Support” about 10 days ago, has increased this support. The famous social media channel that operates under the roof of Facebook will work in harmony with Facebook.

This application will enable businesses to showcase their products both on Facebook and Instagram. This will enable business owners to sell more products. Facebook is expanding its e-commerce strategy.

The foundations of this project were laid last year. Mark Zuckerberg, who extended his hand to helping businesses having difficulties in finding customers, explained that the services offered by the Facebook Shops platform are free and understandable.

Instagram Shops will help you create categories for the products on sale and highlight the products you want. Facebook wants to be the only one in this area by offering a central online store.

The payment feature of this project will make in-app purchases easier. Ads posted by a user can be posted on both Instagram and Facebook Messenger. It has also been announced that these ads can be transmitted on WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg, who wants to increase the revenues of Facebook, prefers to make money from advertising instead of making this service paid and getting money from businesses. In addition, it was stated that the product placement system that is accustomed to televisions is about to come.

In this way, any product can be added under live videos. Thus, users can purchase a product at the moment. Mark Zuckerberg said that more than 800 million people daily are busy with live videos. This statistic is valid for Facebook and Instagram.

A user will be able to change the frames with the products they sell and the designs of these frames. In this context, personal designs will be allowed. The features of the products will not be important in this regard. You will be able to access the relevant business from the Facebook or Instagram profile of that business.

Users will be able to use the save process to look back at a product they want to buy later. Finally, it will be possible to comment on the products offered for sale and order through various applications (Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram).



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