New feature for Instagram: Guides


Instagram, which makes new updates continuously during the pandemic period, is trying to improve the user experience with a new feature. The platform will facilitate users’ access to information with the guides feature announced today. What will the Instagram guides feature offer to users? Here are the details…

How to use Instagram new feature guides?
The guides, which have been in effect since today, are now available for major health institutions. Accordingly, health institutions started to add important information about corona virus to the guides tab in the form of booklets added by Instagram.

Actually, no new type of Instagram content is created for this feature. To gather the contents of the guides that you send on certain topics under the titles. Of course, it is also possible to support these titles with illusions and visuals.

But is Instagram just planning to provide health information with this new feature? The platform said in a statement on its blog that guides are currently an application that focuses on health institutions.

However, there is a possibility that the social media platform will open the method for categorizing the content to business accounts in the future. If this new feature is opened to users, we may encounter a different Instagram experience.

The property does not appear to be active for the moment for healthcare organizations in Turkey. The expectation is that the Instagram guides feature will be opened to all countries by the end of the month.

In the meantime, we will come across a series of new updates to Instagram. The most important of these is Messenger Support. Accordingly, it is expected that it will be possible to participate in 50-person Rooms meetings through the platform.

However, the real wonder is, whether or not to support more people in Turkey live broadcast feature is used too much for the moment. Although there is no improvement in this area yet, your platform may soon develop a solution in this regard.



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